Review: Never Broken by Lori Duffy Foster


The near corpse of a stranger had no idea where he’d been, how long he’d been there or who had kept him captive. But one thing intrigued journalist Lisa Jamison even more than his story: recent memories of a woman named Chandra Bower.
Seven years had passed since Chandra disappeared from Seneca Springs without a trace. Police investigators still compared DNA records whenever an unidentified body appeared, hoping to at least bring her family closure. Lisa still chased down leads from desperate family and friends, being careful to hide her investigations from an editor who thought she’d become obsessed with a woman who was clearly dead.

But this man had just seen her, sewing designer clothes in a dark, filthy basement with about twenty other men and women under horrifically inhumane conditions. And the sweatshop workers all had one thing in common: All were people of color.
A split-second decision to help the man takes Lisa on a race against time. His captors want him back, there is evidence someone on the police force might be involved and the man knows that if he were recaptured, they would torture him until he revealed the names of the two people who helped him escape: Lisa Jamison and Chandra Bower.

Lisa promised her teenage daughter she would stay away from the dangerous stories ever since her job had nearly gotten them both killed two years before. But she no longer has a choice. She must keep the stranger hidden while she gathers enough evidence to turn the case over to city police or the FBI. At least three lives—her own, the stranger’s and Chandra’s—depend on it. 

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Never Broken by Lori Duffy Foster is a mystery/suspense novel. It’s the second book from the Lisa Jamison series.

In this novel, reporter Lisa Jamison puts herself in a risky situation once more. After finding a bloodied stranger in her car and listening to his story she had no other choice but to get involved. What was supposed to be a quiet investigation turned quickly into a cat and mouse chase. The closer she was getting many of her friends were getting hurt.
By the end, her only hope was to survive like the previous time.

It’s an incredible book. It began with a bit of a shocking scene and a very interesting revelation. The plot is captivating filled with so much suspense it had me holding my breath several times. The progress of the story is steady with lots of information. There are so many characters here that are all very likable. You need to pay attention all the time if you don’t want to miss
anything important. The criminal subject that the author touched here was slavery which after so many years is still happening. There were a few scenes that were a bit sensitive and kind of gruesome. If you get triggered by abusive scenes be careful.

I was lucky enough to have read the first book as well so I can safely say that this series is from those that are getting better with each book. I loved this one and I will rate it with 5 stars.

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