Review: Horns and Halos by Nia Rose


My World is Built on Debts and Deals.

Beneath them all, you’ll find horrific secrets that we all hide. It’s lives. It’s souls. Scattered and countless, the dead have built towns, cities, and nations. They are forever damned in the afterlife because they wanted to live without fear. But did they really live without fear, or was it all an illusion?

A pact between devils is the only thing that keeps villages out in the desert-like land untouched by the scourge of this planet. The world we once knew is destroyed and what remains are those left behind trying to build homes to escape the reality that the end has already come. But are we any better than the creatures that loom, roam, tear, and destroy? Are we really worth saving?

At the age of nineteen, I was chosen and cast out of my village as a sacrifice. Now, I have no choice but to make a deal of my own or die out in the endless stretch of the Wastes. 

My opinion:

I received a copy from Poisoned Apple Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Horns and Halos by Nia Rose is a young adult fantasy novel.

It’s about a girl named Sia that was exiled from her village as a sacrifice. Her grandma had told her about the faith city of Saint Augustine where things were way better than in the Wastes. Her new purpose in life was to find that place and create a new home. On her way there she was attacked by various demons which almost caused her death. At the very last moment, she managed to make a deal with a devil in order to stay alive. He was going to keep his promise and protect her as long as she paid her debt. Could Sia trust the devil and have the happy life she imagined?

It’s a truly beautiful story about a person’s strength, dreams, and faith. The plot is incredible, easy to follow and so entertaining. A well-written book with great world-building and very vivid descriptions. I liked the combination of the mythology and how every character was described. Sia represents every human being that has inner fights between good and evil. She basically teaches us to have a dream and chase it. To never give up and most of all to keep our eyes open. I have to say that the Devil was my second favorite character and that I might have been rooted for them. I loved the scenes they had together, especially those where he seemed
to be vulnerable. The ending was magnificent and unexpected.

I fell in love with this book and I highly recommend you to read it. I will rate it with 5 stars.

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