Review: The Other Side by Mark Leichliter


How do you start an investigation when you have no evidence that a crime has been committed?

When a seventeen-year-old girl abruptly disappears, the ensuing investigation probes dead-ends seemingly as deep as Flathead Lake—the geographic and investigative center of The Other Side. In sleepy Lakeside, Montana, Britany Rodgers’s disappearance is as unexpected as the sudden, violent appearance of a storm sweeping off the lake. The search to find her unearths crimes but none that can explain her disappearance, and Detectives Steven Wendell and Stacey Knudson face one empty trail after another. Wendell, unlike the girl for whom he searches, has never quite fit the expected norms of his peers. Meticulous, cerebral, a loner, he has the distinction of being the oldest graduate of the Montana Police Academy. When he and Knudson grow suspicious that Britany has been murdered, they have scant evidence and no body. The investigation to discover what has happened to Britany takes readers into starkly contrasting environments—inside spectacular lakefront mansions and within gritty trailer parks—and into the lives of those who exhibit motivations as murky as the fog-choked Montana woods and mist-shrouded Flathead Lake bays. The Other Side offers readers a tense crime novel with a literary heart.

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

The Other Side by Mark Leichliter is a mystery novel.

The story is about a seventeen-year-old girl, Britany Rodgers, who went missing. Throughout the story, we follow the detective Steve Wendell trying to solve the mystery of her disappearance.

I will start with the technical parts of the book. It is written in a simple way that makes it easier to follow since you don’t have to search dictionaries. The detailed descriptions intrigued me the most. Not only helped you in recreating the scenes but also intensified the feelings. One part that made me get goosebumps was the revelation of what happened and that was because of the vivid
descriptions. There aren’t many authors who could make me experience that.

About the plot: At first glance, it seems like most mysteries, a girl disappearing. But soon the suspense and the twists made it stand out. It’s a story that unintentionally urges you to guess what happened and I did that plenty of time, but I was wrong and quite surprised by the outcome.

About the characters: There were a lot of names mentioned but I could only focus on Steve. He was the main character but something made him stand out more to me. I think that it was the fact that he seemed like a hero since he had never given up on the girl and her family. Plus he seemed more human than the other officers and with more feelings.

One of my favorite scenes was the ending, it was sweet and heartbreaking.

The Other Side is a mystery that I highly recommend you to buy. It can keep you on edge the whole time and there isn’t a chance of getting bored. I will rate it with 5 stars.


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