Review: Vicious Little Snakes by Trilina Pucci


Caroline Whitmore is cunning, inconsiderate, and ruthless.
Despite that, I can’t recall a day when I haven’t thought about her at least once. On paper, we’re a perfect match—Only on paper.

In real life, we’re a disaster.
She hates me. Hates the way I dress—everything I say.
My basic existence.

But what I hate is more complicated.
Because I’m a moth to a gorgeous, petite, brunette flame.

I hate that I still remember what she wore the day we sat together in sixth grade.
And that I would move mountains for her smile.

I hate every guy that gets too close.
And that one of them gets to stay.

I hate that I want her so bad that I used my best friend to make her jealous.
But most of all, I hate that Caroline Whitmore is the one that got away.

My opinion:

Vicious Little Snakes By Trilina Pucci is a dark highschool romance. It’s the second book from the Hillcrest Prep series.

I will start by stating that I haven’t read the first book from the series but I think that this one can be read as a standalone as well. Now about the story is a pretty dark and toxic romance. The beginning is filled with mean moments from the heroine towards the rest of the other characters. Then after the middle part, it became more emotional and sexy. The two main characters had intense chemistry right off the bat. They were vicious and broken. Liam had the looks, the charm but lacked confidence. Caroline was a mixture of Queen B and Chuck Bass. Feared and lonely with her awful mouth. Reading VLS was like binge-watching all the seasons of gossip girl but this is far more intense and lethal. To tell the truth, until the 16th chapter I didn’t really like it but after that I loved it.

I will recommend this only to the Gossip Girl fans because If you don’t like the nasty mean girls you’re not gonna like it. I will rate it with 3.5 stars.

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