Review: Edge of Dusk by Colleen Coble


Even though secrets lie off the coast of Rock Harbor, the truth will set Annie Pederson free—if it doesn’t kill her first.

Nine-year-old Annie Pederson’s life changed the night her sister was kidnapped. The two had been outside playing on a dock, and Annie never forgave herself for her role in her sister’s disappearance. Twenty-four years later and now a law enforcement ranger, Annie is still searching for answers as she grieves a new loss: the death of her husband and parents in a boating accident.

But Annie and her eight-year-old daughter, Kylie, aren’t the only people in the town of Rock Harbor whose lives have been marred by tragedy. While managing the property around the Tremolo Resort and Marina she inherited, Annie discovers a dead body floating in the cold Superior surf and begins to work with the sheriff’s office to tie the death to a series of other mysterious reports in the area.

At the same time, her first love, Jon Dustan, returns after nine years away, reigniting the town’s memory of a cold case he’d been suspiciously linked to before he left to pursue his orthopedic residency. For the sake of her investigation and her heart, Annie tries to stay away. But avoiding Jon becomes impossible once Annie realizes she is being targeted by someone desperate to keep secrets from the past hidden.

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Edge of Dusk by Colleen Coble is Christian suspense. It’s the first book from the Annie Pederson series.

This story focuses on two mysteries. One is about Annie’s younger sister that was abducted when they were kids. The other one is about two young women who were murdered nine years ago. The plot captures your attention from the first chapter and holds you captive until
the last one. It’s an intense suspense novel that has a few emotional scenes, romance, and lots of action. The descriptions are on point. You can easily visualize the place and the people. The characters are interesting as well. Each one has its own story and issues. Annie was the one that struck me, she was brave, kind, and helpful but she also seemed to be stuck in the past.
The relationship she had with her daughter was one of my favorite parts of the book. There are three big revelations towards the end and I am happy that I found out about two of them.

If you like mysteries and suspense novels I highly suggest you to read this one. I enjoyed reading it and I will rate it with 4,5 stars.

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