Review: Hunted by My Stepbrothers by Angel Lawson


I’m not afraid of evil in the world. I’m afraid of them.

Creaking floorboards. Muffled screams. Once night falls I can’t remember why I came back to Davenport manor.

What I do remember is why I wanted out of here so badly in the first place.

They aren’t men. They’re predators.

They don’t love. They hunt.

Now that I’m back I’m no longer family. I’m their prey.

My opinion:

Hunted by My Stepbrothers by Angel Lawson is a dark romance. It’s the first book from the Family Confessions series.

This book is definitely not for everyone. It has a lot of triggers: forced sexual acts, humiliation, torture, etc.
The plot is focused on the hunters searching for a serial killer and messing with the FMC. The story has a pretty good
build-up and an ending that was quite surprising. The characters were insane and dangerous. I liked Kate though, she was a fighter and very sneaky when needed. My favorite part was when she outsmarted them.

I can’t wait to see what happens next. I recommend it only to those who like hardcore dark romance. I will rate it with
4 stars.

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