Review: Falling onto Magic by Elizabeth Pantley


An accidental journey through a magic mirror. A portal to an enchanted land. A mysterious family she never knew she had. Hayden’s life is upended with the wonder of Destiny Falls. But it is tainted by the danger that brought her here and that threatens her newfound family. Can Hayden and her sassy sidekick remove the threat, so that she can begin her magical new life in this captivating world?

…When Hayden was a child, she lost her cat. Adults told her the cat ran away, but she knew the truth. The mirror had taken her. She knew because the mirror gave her a glimpse of an alternate world and had nearly pulled her in, so she was certain the cat had suffered that fate.

Twenty years later, Hayden discovers the secret of the mirror when she is thrust into it. She learns of an enchanted world she never knew existed, and a family she never knew she had.

But danger brought her here, and it followed her. Now, Hayden is on a mission to remove the threat, so that she can begin her magical, meaningful new life in this enchanted world.

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Falling into Magic by Elizabeth Pantley is a fantasy mystery. It’s the first book from the Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic series.

This is such an amazing book. The plot was enthralling with all the magic, mystery, and suspense about the incidents.
It was kind of fast-paced, everything was happening so fast that we barely got to meet the family. The scenery descriptions were incredibly vivid. We learned a bit of the town’s history and some juicy pieces of information about a family member’s past. The characters were great as well. Most of them were sweet but there were a few weird and mysterious ones. Hayden and her cat were my favorites, their dialogues were quite entertaining. My favorite part was when she woke up in Destiny Falls.

I liked this book a lot and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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