Review: Vicious Lies by Rachel Leigh


At Boulder Cove Academy, three things are certain:

The Lawless Rule.
The games are dangerous.
Nothing is as it seems.

I came here expecting to face my bullies with an iron fist.

I played their games and won.

Now that I’ve earned my place, at the academy and in their home, I should have nothing to fear.

But with every past there is a shadow and mine is drawing closer with each step I take.

I thought The Lawless were the ones I should fear, but someone far more vicious is watching.

The games should be over, but it seems they’ve only just begun.

My opinion:

Vicious Lies by Rachel Leigh is a dark romance. It’s the second book from the Bastards of Boulder Cove series.

In the previous book, Scarlett and Crew came closer. In this one, they are officially together and they are not hiding anymore. Jagger seems that he has feelings for her as well and we see what transpired between them in the past. Neo is still the same jerk. There are some revelations on the stalker as well that is kind of shocking. What surprised me was Riley’s secret, that was one thing I didn’t expect.

Apart from the very hot scenes and a few revelations, I wasn’t so into this book. I feel like it dragged out a bit.
I can’t wait to see what the end will be. I will rate it with 3,5 stars.

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