Review: Fraudulently Ever After by A.R. Casella and Denise Grover Swank


She’s cursed to live out romance tropes gone wrong. As a millionaire bad boy looking for a fake girlfriend, he is one. They’re a disaster in the making…and each other’s last hope.


I’m cursed.

Yes, really. I broke a boy’s heart because he wasn’t romance hero material, and his nonna cursed me to live out my favorite plotlines…without the happy ending. Consider my track record:

Second-chance romance? Turns out my old flame returned home to cook meth, not take care of his parents.
Redeemed bad boy? He writes to me occasionally from prison.
Billionaire businessman? Rory was my prince charming…right up until his ex-girlfriend showed up with a baby bump.

My love life is a lost cause, but my friends claim they have a solution. They’re convinced I can rip control from the curse by seeking out a trope situation instead of getting sucked into one.

When I find Zachary Littlefield’s ad seeking a fake girlfriend, I decide it’s go-time. Because I am so over hot rich boys.


I’m the screw-up spare to my brother, the heir—the Littlefield who can never do anything right. Now my brother’s making a huge mistake, and I’m expected to celebrate. Instead, I do what any half-intelligent man would: I hire a date to stir up trouble at his engagement party.

Tina’s not my type, but there’s something about her…

Maybe it’s that she seems completely immune to my charm. I’ve never met a challenge I didn’t want to screw up…or screw. 

My opinion:

Fraudulently Ever After by A.R. Casella and Denise Grover Swank is a lovely romantic comedy.

Tina DiVirgilio worked at Tea of Fortune, she had been cursed to live stories she read but without a happy ending. Ever since she broke up with Tony, her love life has been a series of romantic tropes gone wrong. That was the reason she joined Nicole’s Bad
Luck Club. Mary, Dottie, and Nicole were her mentors aka the Greek Chorus as she liked to call them. They had given her a challenge that she avoided for a long time. Then one night her best friend Harry found an ad on the internet about a wealthy man looking for a fake date. Zach Littlefield needed a date for his brother’s engagement party, he wanted to stir things up with his family and Tina was perfect for that. Even though they weren’t each other’s types something seemed to pull them together. Soon Tina and Zach had to decide if they were content with their lives or in need of a serious change.

This book will make you laugh your ass off and melt your heart. It’s the perfect mix of romance and comedy. If you add and the spicy love scenes it’s definitely a best seller. The main characters and a few of the secondary are exceptional. Their antics kept me
entertained throughout the story. Tina is a romantic soul and the epitome of the romance reader. She sees only the good in people but she’s not afraid to tell her opinion. Zach was a fun and sweet guy who was discovering himself. They were a good pair since they
helped each other grow. My favorite moment was when she pissed off his family.

Fraudulently Ever After is from those books that when you finish it you are left with a permanent smile on your face. I highly recommend you to read it. I will obviously rate it with 5 stars.

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