Review: One Little Secret by Avery Maxwell


Ashton Westbrook

Playing house with a secret-keeping heiress was not how I envisioned helping when my brothers called me. My expertise is the dirty work, not glorified babysitting. Now Nova Blaine is here in this tiny town. Invading my home, my thoughts, and turning my carefully controlled existence upside down.

I’m tasked with finding her assailant, an assignment that requires me to stay close. Something I’ve gotten good at avoiding at all costs. I keep even my family at arm’s length. It’s safer that way. But there’s something about her that makes me feel protective, that makes me want to get closer.

I’m her protector, but sharing my home means sharing my life with her. And this princess is starting to see what’s beyond my beastly façade. I know there’s nothing left worth finding beneath my scars and secrets, but she’s determined to open all those old wounds.

There are reasons I’ve retreated from everything I once loved. But I’ll face those demons again if it means protecting her. In the end, will I remain captive or will she be the one to finally set me free?
Nova Blaine

I’m not a princess to be locked away in a tower. Until I am. And when Ashton Westbrook turns that gravelly, deep voice my way, calling me Princess? I know I’ll scale his walls and enjoy the climb.

He’s my protector, but I see the anguish beneath his beastly façade.

He may keep me safe, but I will set him free.

Secrets whispered in the dead of night lead to truths they can’t deny. Can either of them escape their past to live in the present and have a hope for the future? Or are some secrets meant to burn out with their keeper?

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

One Little Secret by Avery Maxwell is a small-town romance. It’s the fourth book from the Westbrooks family ties series.

This one is about the younger brother, Ashton Westbrook, and Nova Blaine.

Nova had a stalker and her brother took her to Ashton so he could protect her. In just a few days he broke down her walls, found out her biggest secret, and ended her nightmare. During this short time, Nova also managed to get under his skin. She was the first person other than his niece that got close to him and made him feel something. She seemed to be the light than shone through his darkness. They fell in love but the problem was that Ashton didn’t know how to let go of the past and live in their world. Would he be able to find balance or he would lose the only chance he had for happiness?

It’s such an intense story. The plot is engaging with good world-building. It has a dual pov and quite detailed description of the scenes. The story is quite dramatic with their tragic pasts, especially Ashton’s. The focus was more on the romance between them. They had chemistry from the beginning but their relationship progressed slowly. Ashton’s inner fight was painful to watch but the end was so worth it. My favorite moments were the scenes with Sadie and the proposal.

I enjoyed this book a lot and I highly recommend you to read it. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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