Review: Clash of the Nannies by Bella Jewel


A nanny is what I am.
I’m a good one, too.
When I’m hired by a biker and his rich woman, I can’t say no.
I can’t afford to say no.
I’ve never worked for a biker before, and I certainly haven’t worked for one who is this damned moody and did I mention oh, so gorgeous?
Still, here I am.
I need the money.
I need to escape my past.
I need something, anything, to make the demons go away.
What I didn’t sign up for was the rich bitch he decided to reproduce with.
Not only does she hate me, but she’s from the most wealthy family in town.
My days are now filled with country clubs, galas and dressing a baby in clothes I could never afford in my lifetime.
Did I mention the other nannies?
The stuck up ones?
The ones who hate me?
Yeah, there’s them.
Lucky for me, I have him.
A connection that’s undeniable.
Only, he’s everything I shouldn’t want.
A biker? Bad news.
I’m their nanny, even worse.
Yet, their relationship is toxic.
A one night stand gone wrong.
An attempt to make things right for a baby he didn’t know he even wanted.
I’m not in the position to be in the middle of that…
Yet, there’s something there…
Something between us that’s undeniable.
This isn’t going to end well…

My opinion:

Maggie had worked as a nanny for a while. She was in a bad position both emotionally and financially. So when Hugh needed a nanny for his surprise baby, Starla, she accepted immediately. Delilah and Hugh were from different worlds but tried to be together
for the sake of their baby. It wasn’t working between them but Maggie and he had some intense feelings for each other. The sexual tension between them was so intense it was hard to ignore. So Hugh as a true gentleman at heart was going to make everything right and go after her.

This was so much fun to read. Half of the book was a warzone, the pranks were on another level and quite mean, nothing like the first book. I loved that even though the romance has a bit of a triangle it doesn’t contain any cheating. The characters were lovely. Hugh is a possessive sexy biker ready to fight and protect. Maggie was the most real and kind woman. She cared
about people who might not deserve it, she had spunk and wasn’t afraid to talk back. Those two together created magic. My favorite part was her revenge on those nasty women. What surprised me here was the outcome of their unique family, I didn’t expect
that to happen.

This series was so much fun to read, it made me laugh my ass off and swoon so hard. I enjoyed reading about the crazy nannies and the romance between Maggie and Hugh. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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