Review: Sinful Queen by Emily Bowie


He rules the Bratva,
And now he wants to rule me.

Being the black sheep in a mafia family is hard. I desperately want to escape my life, and I thought I found a nice, regular man to do that with.

Demertri Sokolov is anything but those three qualities. He rules the Bratva, making my family look like saints. He has a reputation for violence, cruelty and being unforgiving. My heart drums with anticipation each time I see him, even though I know it’s wrong. We have enough chemistry to explode a room. I should have known he was a horrible decision that I continued to play with

When I find out I’m carrying his baby, I’m terrified. I’m left with no other choice but to run away. Instead of forgetting about me, he searches for where I disappeared. Hiding his baby is a sin not even a mafia princess will get away with when he finds out.

He may be handsome, but he’s not the type to fall in love. When he finds me, will he take or kill because of my betrayal? Will he see a choice?

My opinion:

Sinful Queen by Emily Bowie is a dark mafia romance. It’s the fifth book from the Dark Mafia Sins series.

This one is about Katrina Rossi, the Italian mafia princess who was also the black sheep of her family, and Demetri Sokolov the Russian mafia boss.

It’s a sinfully delicious Italian/Russian mafia romance. The plot is engaging, with a couple of twists and it’s filled with bloody scenes and some steamy ones. The romance is fast-paced. The characters are great. Demetri is the dark and dangerous type, very bossy but also
caring. Katrina at first is like a tormented young girl but she grows into a strong woman. They had fantastic chemistry. I loved how he treated her, like a true queen. My favorite moment was when Katrina was in full mom mode.

If you like this genre I highly recommend it. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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