Review: Moody by Penelope Ward


The day I showed up to Dax Moody’s sprawling home, I had no idea what was coming.
As a traveling massage therapist, I was used to entering the houses of strangers.
But this assignment was different from any before it.
From the outside, I’d correctly assumed the owner was rich. What I didn’t realize was that he would be younger than I’d imagined, single, stunningly gorgeous, and mysterious.
Despite the fact that Dax had booked a massage, it never actually happened, since our first appointment was unexpectedly cut short by a comedy of errors.
Certain I’d never see him again after that day, I’d done nothing but think about the captivating man.
To my surprise, he called a second time. That appointment, we talked a lot, developing a stronger connection. But once again, there was no actual massage.
The man I now affectionately called “Moody” kept calling me to come back.
It took three times before I finally gave him the massage he’d ordered. Let’s just say it was challenging to keep things professional. I was extremely attracted to Dax, and by that time, I was falling hard.
Eventually, I’d find out why he’d been so aloof, the reason why he and I could never be together.
Our story was supposed to end there, but it didn’t.
Instead, I was left perpetually longing for a forbidden man.

The dog shot me the evil eye. This house is just full of welcoming people.

My opinion:

Moody by Penelope Ward is a single-parent romance.

When I read the description I thought it would be a fun romantic comedy but it turned out to be more sentimental. It started with a light awkward and quite sexy scene and slowly it became more emotional. When they talked about their past I almost cried. The same thing
happened with a couple of scenes with Dax and Rafe. The romance was love at first sight but developed slowly due to the taboo part. The characters were great and kind of relatable. Wren was a beautiful hardworking girl with dreams. Dax was the reserved one because
of his past and the rejection. Rafe was a surprise because he changed so much throughout the story. My favorite parts were when the father and son had a real talk and the funny scene towards the end.

In conclusion, this is a great book and I highly recommend reading it. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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