Review: Boo! Can You See Us? by Desy Smith


Have you EVER seen a ghost with wings?

Luna has her share of problems, but her biggest is seeing ghosts! When a non-Human ghost appears and asks for her help, she discovers a world with a king and an ancestry she never knew existed. She might belong to this new realm, but she’s not sure if it’s where she’s needed, and the handsome king may not be enough to make her stay. Luna must make a decision, but it could cost her everything: her heart, her family, and the very life she knows.

Cairo’s centuries-long peaceful reign is coming to an end, and he must take action or spend his life as an enslaved ghost. Yet he finds himself powerless and his mind preoccupied with Luna, a woman he now desperately needs. She may or may not be his enemy in the battle to come. Cairo knows his duty to his people should come before anything else, but he wants happiness and is determined to make both happen.

Join Luna and Cairo in a realm where anything can happen and the Supernatural are plentiful.

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Boo! Can You See Us? by Desy Smith is a paranormal story. It’s the first book from the Faeven Realm.

Luna was adopted and raised in the human world. She knew she was different because she could see ghosts and send them to the other side. The latest ghost she met, wanted her help in finding her killer. Luna agreed to help because the ghost was from another realm and she might be able to find out who her real parents are. There, many surprises awaited her, and one of them was the man from her dreams. Cairo’s world was in danger, would Luna help him or stand against him?

It’s such a fun short story. The plot is simple and entertaining. It started by introducing Luna and her ghosted encounters. Then we found out about the other realm and the supernatural creatures. The ending was a big surprise. The characters are so amusing and so are their conversations. My favorite part was with Luna and the fairy ghost.

I loved this book and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I will rate it with 5 stars.

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