Review: The Image of You by Melanie Moreland


I realized in that one moment something was terribly wrong.

“I apologize,” she spoke, sounding formal.
“You have me at a disadvantage.”
Her hand rose in greeting. “I’m Alexandra Robbins…and you are?”

I stared at her hand and then her beautiful face.

The woman I had loved passionately—desperately—and still loved to this day.

My former fiancée…who was looking at me with no recognition.

As if I were a stranger to her.

And then it hit me as I took in the emptiness in her eyes.

I was.

I’d spent so much time trying to find my way back to her, only to have her not remember me.

One thing was for sure—I would spend my last breath trying to remind her who I was, who we were, and who we would eventually be again.

All I needed was the chance to show her.

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

The Image of You by Melanie Moreland is a loveswept romance.

When I started reading this book I was in a bad mood and this story managed to uplift me. It’s one of the best romantic stories I have read recently and my new favorite. The plot is magnificent, a mix 0f forbidden romance and love at first sight. It was so light and fun at the beginning with the sweetest scenes. Then it became a bit more intense and kind of dramatic with the issues Ally had. But the ending was epic. Thankfully for us, the hopeless romantics, love won once more.

Ally was the troubled one. She was raised in an unhealthy environment with two horrible people that filled her with guilt and controlled her. She had lost her self-esteem and was barely surviving. Adam was a workaholic who had no one. He became her guardian angel. Little by little he broke down her walls and showed her what true love means.

Their love was so effortless and natural. They were like soul mates that found each other.

My favorite scenes were their playful ones and with her aunt.

I highly recommend you to read this book. It’s incredible!!! I will rate it with 5 bright stars.

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