Review: The Devil in Her by Katie Ann


Living a sheltered life, I never had a chance to fail. To spread my wings and find out who I truly am. College was my escape. Until I met the Vicious Demons. They turned my world upside down. Helped me find my wings to fly. They are worldly men. Men I was told to stay away from. Yet, my heart wants them. Should I follow my heart? Or follow what my parents want?

My opinion:

The Devil in Her by Katie Ann is an MC romance. It’s the first book from the Vicious Demons MC series.

Tinsley Ashton was a young woman who had lived a secluded life with her family in Bayview. She was finally eighteen and it was time for her to go to Elk Creek University. Her dream was to find herself, make new friends and find love. On her first day there she met another girl, Serenity. They were polar opposites but they became instant friends. Tinsley’s only issue was Serenity’s «family», the Vicious Demons MC. They were dangerous and everyone in town feared them. What she didn’t know was that those men were going to change her life.

It’s a very good MC story. It’s well written with multiple points of view.
It has a very nice plot, with lots of suspense and violence which are expected from a story like this. The romance is fast-paced and hot at times. I liked the heroine’s inner battle of good and evil. There are a few dark scenes that could be triggering for some readers. In general, it’s pretty tamed and sexy. My favorite parts were the MC problems and the mystery about Tinsley.

What I would have liked more was better character development. Their attitudes changed abruptly and it didn’t make any sense.

All in all, the Devil in Her is a nice book with lots of potentials. I will rate it with 3.5 stars.

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