Review: A Wild Card Kiss by Lauren Blakely


Things that suck on my wedding day — walking in on my groom kissing another woman twenty minutes before the ceremony.

Things that suck worse? The woman he’s kissing is my mom.

I head straight for the bowling alley bar down the street and ask for a double. And in walks a deliciously charming local football hero — Harlan Taylor.

Yes, I’ll take another drink in the form of a one-night stand with this hunk of a man. In the morning, he asks if I want to get together again. More rebound nookie? Yes please!

But then I learn his football team just hired my yoga studio to teach downward facing dog to their star player, making my O-delivering hottie officially off limits.

Trouble is, the more time I spend working with the sexy single dad who dotes on his daughter, the more I’m feeling all the things far too soon.

There’s no way this can end well, but tell that to my runaway heart…

“I want you to take me home, spread me out on my bed, and do dirty things to me all night long.”

My opinion:

A Wild Card Kiss by Lauren Blakely is a sports romance. It’s the first book from the Happy Endings series.

This is about Harlan Taylor, a pro football player, and Katie Madigan the yoga empress. They met at a wedding and instantly hit it off. They had a crazy fun time together but they lost their chance of dating. Almost eight years later they met again when she fled from her wedding. They spent the night together but once again the timing was awful. A few months later they had another chance, and as they say, third time’s the charm…

It’s such a fun read. It has many tropes: sports romance, single dad, a second chance. It’s easy to read, quite sweet, and very entertaining. The characters had good chemistry, in and out of bed. Them being together made me swoon and laugh my butt off. Harlan was amazing, a great dad, a true charmer with the ladies, and such a good guy in general. Katie was an idol for women, bossy, independent and nice. My favorite part was the baking at home.

I enjoyed reading this book and I will rate it with 4 stars.

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