Review: Trial of the Sun Queen by Nisha J. Tuli


The Bachelor meets the Hunger Games. Ten women. A deadly contest. Only one can win the Sun King’s heart.

Lor has endured twelve long years of torment under the Aurora King’s rule. Her only desire is to get free and pay him back for every moment of misery.

When a surprise release finds her in the hands of the Sun King, Lor is thrust into the spotlight when she competes against nine other Tributes for the role of queen. If she wins his heart, she’ll earn her freedom and finally get her revenge.

But Lor doesn’t belong in the Sun Queen Trials. She doesn’t understand why she was freed, and she isn’t a citizen of the Sun King’s court. The other Tributes resent her presence and will stop at nothing to ensure Lor is wiped off the gameboard, permanently.

Now Lor must win, because if she loses, she dies. Or worse, she’ll be sent back into the hands of the Aurora King.

My opinion:

I received a free arc in exchange for an honest review.

Trial of the Sun Queen by Nisha J. Tuli is a fantasy novel. It’s the first book from the Artefacts of Ouranos series.

In this one, a young woman named Lor was a prisoner in Nostraza, property of the Kingdom of Aurora. There were also her two older siblings Willow and Tristan. Their lives in prison were hell but after so many years they adapted to it. Lor was quite snappy at times which led to many punishments. One morning her mortal enemy pushed her to her limits and she ended up in Hollow. After a few days, someone took her from there. Lor was very surprised when she woke up to a huge bed with silk sheets. Of course, that was the only positive thing that happened to her. Soon she learned the reason she was taken there. She was the Final Tribute for the Sun Queen Trials. She would have to compete with the other nine Tributes in four dangerous challenges over the next eight weeks. The problem was that the Final Tribute had never won before, could she make a difference?

This book is mindblowing!!! The plot for me at least is very unique and so captivating. The mix of mystery, romance, and action is spectacular. There are so many secrets and twists that keep you constantly guessing what might be happening. In between, there’s heat from the romance and those deadly trials had my heart stopping a few times. The characters were great, especially Lor. She was fierce and quite adaptable. Also very smart and kindhearted despite her upbringing. My favorite part was when she figured out everything.
The cliffhanger, in the end, has me hooked for the next installment.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of novels with so much action I fell in love with this one. 5 stars from me!!!

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