Review: Designed by Destiny by Maya Tyler


After a painful break-up in university, Bethany Clarke has sworn off love to focus on her career. From her humble South Side beginnings to her position as an architect intern at a prestigious Chicago firm, she’s proven to be a hard worker and is proud of her accomplishments. In three years, she’ll be a fully licensed architect which is more important to her than anything else.

Confirmed bachelor Nicholas Grey is more than the playboy perpetrated by the tabloids. Now his position as CEO of the architecture firm Grey & Company is on the line, and his mother’s interference is making things more difficult. Nick’s committed to his work, but, in order to be taken seriously, he needs to land a huge project. A stable personal life will help guarantee the contract.

Fairy Godmother Faye Delmore hears Nick’s plea and steps in to help. Posing as a publicist, she suggests a strategy to polish his public image, which includes convincing Beth to play his wife. Faye knows Nick needs the huge project to save his job, but she also knows he needs Beth in his life.

What happens when you add a fairy godmother who loves playing matchmaker into the equation? A future designed by destiny.

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Designed by Destiny by Maya Tyler is a romantic novel. It’s the first book from the Fairy Godmothers Incorporated series.

Nicholas Grey was the CEO of the architecture firm Grey & Company. He was trying to land a big customer but the tabloids were picturing him as a playboy which caused problems for him. He had to look trustworthy with a wife by his side so when he panicked he came up with the fake fiance idea. The first beautiful woman who caught his eye was one of his new employees, Bethany Clarke. Nicholas begged her to help him out and she agreed. They got married in Vegas but they needed a publicist to help them introduce her to the Chicago society. Unfortunately, they were a lot of people who didn’t want them to succeed. Could both of them
get over their insecurities and have a happy ending?

It’s such a sweet clean romance. The plot reminds me a lot of Cinderella with the fairy godmother and the prince charming. There is a little drama because of some misunderstandings and insecurities but despite that, it’s very enjoyable. The characters
are great and have good chemistry. I loved the way they had each other’s back, most of the time. My favorite part was when they had their little date.

I liked this story a lot and I highly recommend it to everyone. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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