Review: Minor Adjustments by J. Haney


Eighteen. It was supposed to mean freedom. I just didn’t expect to find my shit in garbage bags on the stoop.

I go to the only person I think might help. The girl I’ve been seeing on the sly. She’s happy to help, but she’s got this insane idea…

Marry me. She says.

Marry her? How can I marry her? I’m just a kid. We’re just kids. But she seems to think it will solve my problems. I like her fine, but- Can I do this? Commit even if only till college?

I’m out of options here.

She can’t be serious, can she? Maybe it will be okay, maybe even a little bit fun. Who’d have thought, the emo punk guy and the cheerleader?

Insane right?Guess we’ll find out because saying I Do was easy, staying together is going to take some… Minor Adjustments.

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Minor Adjustments by J. Haney is a young adult romance. It’s the first book from the Loyalty In Love series.

Bryce Deacon was living with his foster family until he turned eighteen and they threw him out. He had nothing and no one to turn to except his new girlfriend Sarafina Mercy. They were from different parts of the city, she was the good girl from a nice family and he was called a misfit. That didn’t bother Fi much and she devised a solution for his problem. They were going to get married and live with her parents. At first, they got along but then people started talking and treating her poorly. Then school started and he got a job as well. They struggled a lot not only financially but also in their marriage since they didn’t know how to act. Could they survive their last year in high school together?

This is an interesting story. It’s a young adult high school romance. It has good world-building and a nice plot. It started kind of light with them getting married and figuring out their relationship. They had their cute and romantic moments. As the story progressed
it became more emotional and heavy. It went from small problems to some very serious ones. So it’s safe to say that this book will have you thinking… The characters were nice. Sometimes they acted younger than they were but it wasn’t in an annoying way.
I liked Bryce more, he was more serious about life in general. My favorite moments were their dates.

If you like the young adult romance genre then I think you’re going to love this one. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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