Review: Rebellion by Evelyn Montgomery


Solo. Private. Detached.
I’m used to going through life alone.
I’m used to running my own show and work best under pressure.
My past is best kept hidden.
Buried inside so I can keep up my disguise.
My mask. My veil hiding my truth from the rest of the world.
A bubbly exterior that covers up my secrets perfectly.
But he breaks down my walls.
He forces himself into my heart and drives me crazy with need.
Want. Desire.
Our passion is fueled by destruction.
Our chemistry interferes with my every move.
But there is one secret I don’t tell.
One truth I keep hidden.
I never let myself get distracted.
Until now, when I show up for my next job and find out the man I thought I’d escaped is suddenly my new partner. And hell if I can avoid the pull he has on me.
But there is one problem, he’s just as broken as me.
And together, we might just meet our end.

Damaged. Ruined. Self-destructive.
At least those are the words my ex-wife used to describe me.
Right when I hit her with a restraining order and took full custody of our only child.
I won’t let anyone close.
I promised myself to never fall in love again.
My son is my only priority.
That and my next big job at the bureau.
But then she shows up out of the blue, twelve days before Christmas, and is suddenly my new live-in roommate for the next two weeks.
I tell myself to stay away.
I tell myself to not get involved.
But the damn pull she has on me makes me take her anyway, if only for one night when we both agree it can be nothing more.
Parting ways, I am left with an emptiness I wasn’t expecting.
A hole I’m afraid will never be filled.
Chumming it up to just one amazing night with a woman I let closer than anyone ever before, I try to lose the thought of her in my next job.
Attempting best I can to block her memory out, I quickly realize that won’t be easy when I show up for work and meet my new partner.
My match. My equal.
My whole world, and damn it if I can let her go twice.

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Rebellion by Evelyn Montgomery is romantic suspense. It’s the fifth book from the Can’t Help Falling In Love series.

This is quite intense book. The first half is romantic and sexy with the two main characters lusting after each other and having fun with their friends. The other half is about their dangerous job, past, and happy ending. I liked their romantic moments where they just sat with each other and shared things they loved. The intimate scenes were extremely hot.
Their pasts were filled with drama and some triggering scenes. The characters were likable. Both had issues but Dylan was the one who changed throughout the story. My favorite part was towards the end between Britt and Logan.

I recommend this story to those who like this genre. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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