Review: Matchmaking Mischief by A.R. Casella and Denise Grover Swank


She’s a hopeless romantic…for everyone but herself. Can the least romantic man alive convince her love isn’t just for other people?


There are certain expectations when you’re born into a multigenerational family of matchmakers, which is why I fled my hometown and tried to build a life of my own.

But it turns out matchmaking is hard to quit, and I can’t stop trying to match the customers at the bakery I manage—including my boss and the tea shop owner next door—even though I’m hopeless at love.

So it seriously crimps my style when Alex Hunter starts coming around, working on his book at the bakery. He’s hot, grumpy, and thinks romance is a dirty word. Worse, he keeps distracting our customers.

He needs to go away. Which means someone needs to matchmake him.

And I’m just the girl for the job.


I’m a writer who can’t write, and lo and behold, I meet a matchmaker who’s allergic to love.

Me being me, I fall for her.

Most of the people in this town seem insane, but I have to turn my frown upside down and show Willow Mayberry that matchmakers deserve love too.

My opinion:

Matchmaking Mischief by A.R. Casella and Denise Grover Swank is a romantic comedy. It’s the fourth book from the Bad Luck Club series.

Willow Mayberry had returned to Ashville to work as the manager of the newly opened Bear’s Buns Bakery. She was from a family of matchmakers and since it was in her blood she continued the legacy while working there. She loved to bring happiness to others.
Alex Hunter was a writer who after an incident a while ago had writer’s block. At the retreat, Molly had suggested visiting Ashville so he could get inspired. There accidentally met Willow and he was instantly enthralled by her. Willow had sworn off love because of her previous disastrous experiences. So even though she liked Alex she tried to resist his charm. Of course, the newly established team sunshine couldn’t leave two lovebirds wasting their lives in misery…

It’s such an incredible story. From the first page till the last it’s filled with funny and sweet moments. The matchmaking efforts were hilarious for most of the time but there were a couple that almost made me tear up. The characters and their antics are getting crazier with each book. I have decided that Nicole is my favorite, her attitude, and her surprises are
mind-blowing. The chemistry between Willow and Alex was amazing. They were perfect for each other. My favorite moment was the epic scene in the end.

I fell in love with this book and I will rate it with 5 stars.

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