Review: Shed My Skin by Nola Marie

I’m tired.
Tired of the spotlight. Tired of fighting my demons. The guilt and shame have become too heavy to continue.
It’s time for me to go. Though my grip slips more each day, I need to hold on just a little longer. I need them to know the truth. That this fight was never theirs. My soul mate. My brother. My protector. And her. My Canary, my heart. My lullaby with whiskey eyes.
I love you with all that’s within me. I just wish I had more than darkness to offer.

This road has been long and winding
And I’m too tired to go on
Pain and sorrow have haunted me
Guilt and regret fill my mind
I can’t go on, I can’t keep fighting
This is my goodbye but it’s only for a little while
You were the one who kept me afloat
For you have I tried to keep breathing
But these ghosts haunt my soul and mind
This may be my last note
But from you, I’ll never be far
This is goodbye but it’s only for a little while
It won’t be long now but don’t shed a tear
Don’t cry for me or mourn my name
Cause I will always be with you
Even after I’m gone
My last song is goodbye but it’s only for a little while.

My opinion:

Shed My Skin by Nola Marie is a rockstar romance. It’s the fifth book from the Sons of Sin series.

This one is about Maddox Masters the frontman of the Sons of Sin. In this book, we get to meet the real Maddox from his early age as a young boy until the present time. He was misunderstood and labeled as the untamed boy and later a bad boy billionaire.
Yet at the same time, he was the rock for every one of his friends. We get a close-up look at his addiction and how that affected him and the people around him. As the story progressed it became more emotional and heavy. It has a lot of triggers and the serious
topics aren’t romanticized. It’s a raw story about an addict that if you can handle don’t read it.

I loved the romance between him and Quinn. She didn’t judge him, she trusted him and helped him for a while to keep the demons in check. They were so different, he was the «broken» man who was in a fight or flight mode and she was the timid young woman who wanted to fight
with him or for him. A perfect couple for sure.

Maddox was my favorite character and that didn’t change after reading this one. It made me love him more. I can’t wait to see what happens next with those two. I will rate it with 5 stars.

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