Review: His Game by Angel Rayne


She tries to escape. She tries to reason with me. And then she tries to change the rules. But this is my game, and I won’t be played. I own her now…

Three years ago, I let down my guard, and I paid the ultimate price when the woman I loved was murdered right in front of my eyes.
I have a chance to make it right. To earn back the respect of my father and my place in the family as the underboss. A way to finally take my revenge on the bastard who took her away…
By stealing his fiancé.
Veda is a means to an end, a weakness I can’t afford to have, and I’m obsessed with having her.

If I was a decent man, I would let her go.
But I am not that kind of man. 

My opinion:

His Game by Angel Rayne is a mafia romance. It’s the first book from the «His Obsession» series.

This book has everything you expect in a mafia romantic story. It has kidnapping, shooting, killings, threats, some very steamy love scenes, and an unexpected cliffhanger. The plot is simple and easy to follow. The story is told by a dual pov, it’s well written with detailed descriptions when it’s needed. From the beginning, it was pretty obvious how the book was going to progress but I still was so hooked on and hoped for a different outcome.

The characters are likable and a good pair. Veda was a strong, lively woman who wasn’t afraid to fight and talk back. Luca was the typical alpha male with his dark side and a hidden soft side. Their banters were my favorite part of the story. There were some secondary characters that caught my attention as well, Enzo and Rosa. I liked the respect they showed and that they talked their mind.

In general, this story is a great start for this series. I will rate it with 5 stars.

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