Review: The Watcher by Melanie Moreland


To the world, I’m Damien DeSalvo, businessman.
I own a security company, ensuring the safety of my clients.
But behind the scenes, I’m known as the Watcher.
I stay hidden, overseeing the secrecy of Hidden Justice—
those who rid the world of its scum, one bad guy at a time.

Until the day she stumbles into my path and one kiss changes everything.
Stalked and terrified, Raven Bailey needs my protection.

I need her.

Can I find the man threatening the woman I love before he finds her?
We’re playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse.
And I’m determined to win.

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

The Watcher by Melanie Moreland is a romantic suspense. It’s the fourth book from the Men of Hidden Justice series.

This one is about Damien DeSalvo the owner of Elite Security and the damsel in distress Raven Bailey a kindergarten teacher.
They met by accident when she was trying to escape from her stalker and he made it his mission to help her. From the moment they
met there was a spark between them that soon evolved into love. The Watcher had finally found his soul mate and no one would dare
to hurt her while he was alive.

It’s one of the most romantic books in this series. A great mix of suspense and romance that can keep you on your toes and make you
swoon. Their love was quick but seemed so natural. They had good chemistry in and out of bed. The characters were very likable.
He was a true gentleman, a little bit bossy and so caring. She was a brave woman and optimistic. They were an amazing couple.
I loved every part of this book but my favorite was when she tricked him.

I highly recommend this story to everyone. I will rate it with 5 stars.

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