Review: All the Broken Girls by Linda Hurtado Bond


When one falls

Crime reporter Mari Alvarez was never able to solve her mother’s murder ten years ago. But when a woman is gunned down on the doorstep of her West Tampa neighborhood, Mari can’t shake the eerie sense of connection.

The others will break

Now there have been two murders in two days. Each crime scene awash with arcane clues—and without a trace of DNA from the killer. And for each victim, a doll. The first is missing an eye. The second is missing a heart. But are these clues leading to the killer…or messages for Mari?

Unless she plays the game…

Caught up in a maelstrom of Old-World superstition, secrets, and ties to her own past, Mari has only one option. Put the puzzle together before someone else dies—even if it destroys her career. But there’s no escaping the hungry spider’s web when it’s been made just for you…

My opinion:

I received an arc in exchange for an honest review.

All the Broken Girls by Linda Hurtado Bond is a thriller.

This is a very well-written book with good world-building and detailed descriptions when it was needed. The plot is engaging, it’s a slow built, with suspense and many twists, some of them quite unexpected. Religion, superstitions, and the vigilante act are the main
clues in this story. The characters were interesting. Mari was my favorite, she was so stubborn and had a big heart. I liked the chemistry she had with the Detective. The stalker was a nice touch to the story, although I would have liked to find out his intentions.
My favorite part was when she was trying to solve the mystery.

I enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend this to everyone. I will rate it with 4,5 stars.

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