Review: Death at the Manor by Katharine Schellman


Regency widow Lily Adler is looking forward to spending the autumn away from the social whirl of London society. When she arrives in Hampshire with her friends, Lord and Lady Carroway, she doesn’t expect much more than a quiet country visit and the chance to spend time with her charming new acquaintance, Matthew Spencer.

But something odd is afoot in the small country village. A ghost has taken up residence in the Belleford manor, a lady in grey who wanders the halls at night, weeping and wailing. Half the servants have left in terror, but the family is delighted with the notoriety that their ghost provides. Piqued by this spectral guest, Lily and her party immediately make plans to visit Belleford.

They arrive at the manor the next morning ready to be entertained—but tragedy has struck. The matriarch of the family has just been found smothered to death in her bed.

There was no one else in her room, and the door was locked from the inside. The dead woman’s family is convinced that the ghost is responsible. The servants are keeping secrets. The local magistrate is flummoxed. Lily is determined to learn the truth before another victim turns up—but could she be next in line for the Great Beyond?

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Death at the Manor by Katharine Schellman is a historical mystery. It’s the third book from the Lily Adler mystery series.

I have read the second book from this series and I was so excited when I was informed that this one was coming out. I am a huge mystery fan and the Lily Adler series doesn’t disappoint.

This one is a wonderful mix of a cozy mystery with the gothic places and the elegance of the elite of London. It’s well written with very vivid descriptions and dialogues inspired by that era. There are a variety of characters, from the well-known and well-mannered Londoners to the almost invincible and quiet employees. Those of you who have read the previous books, you’ll remember Lily and some others.

The plot is very interesting and captivating. The story progresses slowly and has so many twists that will have you guessing until the very end. The part with the ghost was my favorite. It made the book a bit spooky, perfect for a rainy winter night. What I also liked was Lily’s explanation of what truly had happened.

Death at the Manor is a book that I highly recommend to those who love historical mystery. It can’t be missed from any library. I will rate it with 5 bright stars.

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