Review: Possessed by the Alien Renegade by Krista Luna


No one will ever want a brutal warrior like me. Yet the beast within demands I claim my fated mate.


Flying is my life. Our alien allies have the sweetest fighter jets I’ve ever flown. I ace every training flight and qualify for a special mission—learning how to pilot an enemy ship. Everyone agrees I’m the best choice.

Everyone but him.

As the top varoolian pilot, Var’s the warrior I long to impress. But it’s hard to remain professional around the dangerously attractive alien, especially once we’re alone on a small ship. The closer I get to him, the more Var growls. Those growls do things to me—tingly things. I’ve spent my life racing to be first, but this time, I want to be caught.


I am Varax, not Varool, a berserker straight out of my people’s bloody past. Marked by the stripes on my face, I am doomed to a life alone—an outcast no Varool woman ever wanted.

Then an alluring sweet scent sets both my hearts beating. Mari is my fated mate.

I refuse to shackle the delicate human to a brute like me. Yet our dangerous mission isolates us in close quarters, leaving me no escape from her delectable beauty and captivating personality. As we fight side by side, I do not know which poses the greater threat to Mari—our enemy…

Or my ravenous need to chase and claim and mark her as mine.

My opinion:

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Possessed by the Alien Renegade by Krista Luna is a SciFi romance. It’s the fifth book from the Fated Mates of the Varool series.

Mari Patel was the youngest head pilot of the Chandra. Many human pilots were training through a simulator for a long time. Her determination and hard training had paid off. She was chosen by the Varool to train as a fighter pilot with the First Scout Var. He was the top pilot
for the Varoolians. She was so excited to meet him in person and work with him. When Var saw her he instantly felt the connection, she was his fated mate. As a Varax was considered a brute and he didn’t want to shackle her with him. The days that they spent together in such a close space and her vibrant personality made it hard for him to resist her. In just a few weeks two of her dreams had come true…

One more great book from this series. A fun read with lots of steamy scenes and action. In this one, we meet the Varax, the long-lost cousins of the Varoolians. Also, we’re one step closer to figuring out the enemy. I loved the characters. Var was a grumpy protective alien with a caring heart. Mari was a girl full of sunshine but also a fearless lioness for her mate. They had good chemistry. I liked how she was the one that went after him. His little pet was so adorable. My favorite scene was when they mated.

I liked this book a lot and I highly recommend it. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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