Review: Between the Flames by A.R. Rose


He wasn’t an ordinary crush, but the two of us were definitely a classic cliche.

Ryder Thompson.

Quarterback of the football team. The star of campus. Everyone wanted to be him, be friends with him, or sleep with him. Unfortunately, I was no exception to that rule.

The problem? I was the nerdy girl who he didn’t know existed — or at least that’s what I thought until his actions showed me otherwise.

I could still feel his fingertips pressed against my neck, his touch lingering so vividly that I let myself wonder if there could someday be an ‘us’. That was until the world came crashing down.

I spent years building a wall around my heart and keeping my feelings for him under lock and key. Now, ten years later, he’s back in my life, making promises I’m not sure he can keep.

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Between the Flames by A.R. Rose is a romance novel. It’s the first book from the Ridgewood series.

Eloise Peters aka Elle was a nerdy girl who had very few friends. She had a huge crush on the popular quarterback Ryder Thompson for the last 4 years. He liked her as well but kept it to himself for a long time. When he couldn’t keep it to himself anymore and admitted his feelings to her it was too late. Eight years later she was living and working in Ridgewood which was a neighboring city where she had grown up and where Ryder lived. By accident, they contacted each other and realized that their feelings were still the same. Was it too late for them to finally be together?

It’s such a great book. The story is about two high school kids who couldn’t be together but later on, they got a second chance. It’s well written and told from a dual pov. The romance has a gradual evolvement but the chemistry between them was obvious from the beginning. I liked the fact that it took them many years to reconcile and they had been through a lot that made them grow up. Ryder appeared as the popular kid who had a bad childhood and had to work on himself to be a better person. Elle was a nerdy girl who was hiding behind her baggy clothes so no one would notice her. By the end of the book both had changed a lot.
My favorite part was their first time together.

If you like romantic stories then I highly recommend you to read this. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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