Review: Losing Neverland by Evelyn Montgomery


All is not as it seems in Neverland.
As for Peter & Hook, 
well I know the secret most don’t.
The real truth behind the myth.
The hidden wonder you’ve never known 
disguised as the notorious legend.

I know the nightmare that brings 
Hook to his knees.
The concealed facts which bring out 
nothing but his ruthless darkness.

I know the inescapable reality that one day 
changed Peter Pan forever. 
I witnessed Peter’s inevitable fall from grace.
His loss of innocence.
A destiny he one day couldn’t fly away from.

All you’ve ever been told is a lie.
A hoax.
A pixie trick.

I know the truth because – I’m their ruin.
I’m their demise.
I’m the end of what was & 
the beginning of what’s to come.

My name is Wendy Moira Angela Darling.

I’m the inescapable fate they couldn’t defeat. 
The chosen one who inevitably forces 
their surrender.
And I’m the reason for losing Neverland.

My opinion:

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Losing Neverland by Evelyn Montgomery is a dark retelling.

But nothing can fix the damned.
Nothing can mend the condemned.

“You can’t run from your past, Peter,”
“Watch me,”

This book is incredible. A dark fairytale retelling with so much emotion, passion, and surprises. It is told mostly from Peter’s and Wendy’s points of view. It’s well written and it alternates between past and present. From the beginning, the biggest twist was revealed and
that captured my attention immediately. After that, there were so many surprises. What I loved most about this story was the battle between the dark and the good, the innocence and the grown-up feelings. I think that what really sucked me in this story was the
emotional turmoil of the characters, and the deep love they had as teenagers and later as adults. My favorite parts were when they gave in to their desires and the dramatic scene towards the end.

I have never read the original fairytale but I have watched the cartoon version. The only one I want to remember is this one, dark Peter Pan is definitely my favorite. I will rate it with 5 stars.

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