Review: Back to You by Shelby Lynn


Come home to Rainbow Falls and a new heartwarming series…

You can go home again…

After the collapse of her marriage, Liz Randall returns to Rainbow Falls, looking to start over. What she’s not looking for is romance, especially with Jack Keane, who broke her heart twenty years ago. She wants to focus on her new business and forget about the past; however, when Jack – now a police officer – shows up at her door with her teenage daughter in tow, sparks fly.

Jack never wanted to hurt Liz, but he had to let her go for reasons he can’t explain. He wants more than anything to make amends with Liz, but she’s cautious around him, even as the chemistry between them sizzles.

When Jack gets an unexpected opportunity to leave Rainbow Falls, just as things are heating up, they will both have to choose… play it safe or sacrifice everything for love… 

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Back to You by Shelby Lynn is a romance novella. It’s the first book from the Rainbow Falls series.

The story is about Liz Randall, a single mother with a teenage daughter, who moved back to her hometown after her divorce. She was planning to open her own dog grooming salon and live there peacefully. Her plans changed when her high school boyfriend, Jack Keane, came to her doorstep. He might have hurt her twenty years ago but there was still a spark inside her heart. Jack had never forgotten her and he wanted to have another chance with her. Liz was very skeptical at first but with the help of those who cared about her, she got her happily ever after.

It’s such a sweet romantic story. It’s a mix of a small town, second chance romance with a single parent. A well-written book with good world-building and a great storyline. Very simple and easy to follow and it’s very addictive if you love this genre. It has a few love scenes and a little bit of drama. The characters were amazing. I liked their chemistry and the life lessons
they gave to others. My favorite part was towards the end of the big reunion.

I liked this book and I will rate it with 4 stars.

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