Review: A Fairy Godmother’s Redemption by Maya Tyler


If only your dreams could come true with a Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo…

Drew Parker’s father abandoned him on his eighth birthday, and he hasn’t thought about him in years. When Drew discovers his father and stepmother have died in a tragic accident, he finds he’s now the legal guardian of his two young half-sisters, Madison and Mackenzie. He’s on his way to college and not prepared for such a responsibility. His mother refuses to help him, but thankfully he has a Fairy Godmother, a magical, who has spent years helping others to make up for the one she failed.

Singer Seraphina Jacobs thinks she’s finally made it when her second album goes platinum. Then, just before her tour is set to start, photo-shopped nudes of her appear in the tabloids and threaten to destroy her career. With her reputation at stake, her PR team rushes into action.

In a chance meeting, Seraphina makes a poor first impression on Drew. He doesn’t recognize her until he wins concert tickets that include meeting her backstage. When Seraphina’s manager notices their instant attraction, she capitalizes on it for some PR events. What happens when a staged romance turns into something more?

No matter what Drew and Seraphina feel for each other, their lives are being pulled in opposite directions. Will a little nudge from a Fairy Godmother help them realize what’s really important?

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

A Fairy Godmothers Redemption by Maya Tyler is a fantasy romance. It’s the fourth book from The Magicals series.

When Faye failed to protect Amelie and her little boy she and a couple of other fairies, Rainy and Ginger, created the FGI, Fairy Godmothers Incorporated, to help those who needed them. For the last few years, they were looking over Drew Parker and Seraphina Jacobs.

Rainy was responsible for Seraphina. So when someone leaked a photoshopped picture of the girl and almost ruined her reputation, she had to find a way to help her.
Faye was responsible for Drew. Ten years after his father left him, a lawyer informed him that he had two little half-sisters and that since their parents died he was their legal guardian. At eighteen, he felt that he couldn’t handle the pressure of raising kids. That’s where Faye came in. She and Rainy were going to show those kids that their life could change for the better.

It’s such a cute fairytale retelling. Inspired by Cinderella but kind of reverse in this situation. The plot is nice and easy to follow. It’s focused on the young adult love between Drew and Seraphina. Their romance was super sweet with minimum drama. The characters were amazing. The couple had good chemistry from the beginning. The fairies were fun and for some reason,
I imagined them exactly like the ones in the fairytale. But my favorites were the twins, especially Madison. My favorite part was at the court the last time.

I enjoyed this story a lot and I will rate it with 4 stars.

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