Review: A Web of Lies by Beena Khan


I’m an assassin who rose from hell and the rival Don is my target.

Once upon a December…
I was a wanderess, hungry, homeless, and then… bought, conditioned, and trained as a lethal assassin.

I don’t remember who I am.
I only remember my name. Anastasia.
To claim my life as a killing machine, I had to destroy others, and it became my violent destiny.

For thirteen long years, as the Bratva syndicate’s chosen one, I have served my leaders, and now, they have given me a new target, a new assignment

I’m a silent predator underneath my hood. No one is aware I’m a woman until I come across him—Surge Romano, the emerald-eyed Italian Don of the ruling Family of New York. He’s twice my age and the only non-blooded member of the rival mob.

My duty collides with desire for the first time. I’m here to steal his life, but I have forgotten that I have a heart that beats. I’m not capable of mercy. If I show it, it will be a grave mistake. Too late, I see him and I… hesitate.

Welcome to New York’s Underworld.

Loosely based on the legend of Anastasia.

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

A Web of Lies by Beena Khan is a dark romance. It’s the third book from the Black Widow series.

This one is about Anastasia Volkova, the secret weapon/assassin of the Bratva Brotherhood. And the Don Surge Romano, the eldest Don of the Five Families. She was sent to kill him. She failed multiple times and ended up falling in love with him. He revealed a secret that changed her whole life.

I will start with a warning. This is a very dark romance with many bloody and torture scenes, If you can’t handle that then don’t read this.

As stated in the description the story is based loosely on Anastasia. It’s a dark mafia romance with a few spicy scenes. The plot is incredible and catches your attention from the first chapter. It’s told from a dual POV and has a few glimpses in the past as an explanation for a few parts. It’s well written just like the rest of the books and has some very detailed descriptions of tortures and kinky scenes. The chemistry between the characters was intense. You could see that they were a perfect psycho fit. Surge was a perfect mafia king, calm and deadly. Anastasia was a surprise. She was a killing machine with no feelings but also craved intimacy from certain people. I really liked her. My favorite scenes were one in her car and the revelation.

I loved this book and I will rate it with 5 stars.

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