Review: Gods Favor The Sinners by Tierney Storer


SUPERNO ACADEMY is a fantasy romance series. With enemies to lovers, reverse harem, LGBTQ+ romance, multicultural characters, teacher/student romance and more.
It is set in the fictional country of Mirane, in the other realm and consists of a race called Fae, who are made up of various supernatural creature types.

This story continues the tale of the three Darklight Princesses, Kaida, Dari and Laina, who are now in Mirane after being presumed dead in the massacre that killed their parents eleven years ago.

For weeks now, instead of enjoying our new lives, we have been hounded, hurt and forced into situations we would have preferred to avoid. All in in the name of a throne we never even claimed to want.
If having students sacrificed in our name wasn’t bad enough, more of our enemies are appearing by the day. The Demon realm is getting stronger, their Un-Fae soldiers getting bolder, and the people surrounding us are getting braver in their hatred.
The Heirs – Xavier, Calore, Bette, Mikel and Ember – have been nothing but thorns in our sides and now they’ve gone and done the worst thing they could ever do to us…
They brought our monster here. The man who haunts our dreams and ruined our lives. The man responsible for all our scars.

The only thing is, they’ve played all their cards now, they have nothing left that could break us down.
But we don’t have the same problem.
We will find their weaknesses, and we will find their breaking point. Because we may be Darklight’s in name now but we were raised as Romano’s, and Romano’s fight dirty. They fight bloody. And they sure as hell don’t quit.
Even if it kills us.

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Gods Favor The Sinners by Tierney Storer is a fantasy novel. It’s the second book from the Superno Academy.

In this book, except from the girls’ point of view, we also have the Heirs’ as well. This one begins with how Calore and Ryder found out about the girls being alive after all those years. Then it continues from the scene where the previous book ended. We get to learn a few
things about the girls’ past and also about the Heirs and why they want them out of Superno Academy. The action and the bloodbath continue here and I think it’s more intense. I liked how the sisters have changed a bit, Laina became stronger and used as many powers as she
had. Dari was still a fighter but she came closer to Ryder, and Kaida showed more emotion. My favorite parts were Kaida’s interactions with Calore, Xavier, and Ember. The ending was unexpected and quite dramatic.

This series is full of surprises and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I will rate this with 4.5 stars.

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