Review: Conviction of the Damned by Tierney Storer


SUPERNO ACADEMY is a fantasy romance series. With enemies to lovers, reverse harem, LGBTQ+ romance, multicultural characters, teacher/student romance and more.
It is set in the fictional country of Mirane, in the other realm and consists of a race called Fae, who are made up of various supernatural creature types. Please be advised that whilst most of this book is fun, angsty and romantic to read, it does contain mentions of child abuse, various mental health issues, has graphic depictions of sex, self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

This story follows the three Darklight Princesses, Kaida, Dari and Laina, who were presumed dead in the massacre that killed their parents eleven years ago. Upon returning to Mirane just shy of their nineteenth birthdays, the girls will have to fight tooth and nail just to stay alive, in a realm lead by the families of the five Heirs that want them gone.

Prince Xavier King, the last of the Phoenix’s and future King of Caledon
Prince Calore Nash, future Vampire King of Montero
Princess Bette Wilder, future Werewolf Queen of Mordova
Prince Mikel Cross, future Siren King of Altair
Prince Ember Torrin, the Harpy prince of Arle, future King of Nothing

The five who were raised to be rulers, and will stop at nothing to claim their crowns. The three who want power and safety, and will stop at nothing to keep their family whole. Eight rightful rulers, one bloody crown. Will family loyalties or love win out? Will Kingdoms flourish or turn to ruin? Will they even all survive?

My opinion:

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Conviction of the Damned by Tierney Storer is a supernatural novel. It’s the first book from the Superno Academy series.

The story is about three sisters that had been through hell in their short lives. They were close and protective of each other. Then one day they were told that they were Fae and were transported to Superno Academy. On their first day there the girls found out a few
things about their family and also made instantly many enemies. Being torn away from the only life they knew wasn’t ideal for them but they weren’t quitters. The Princesses were going to achieve the goal they had set no matter who they had to kill.

I think that this was a great start for this series. It gives enough information so you can understand what’s going on but also has a little bit of mystery. That makes the plot engaging and easy to follow. I love how much action it has with the physical and supernatural
fights. The characters, both main and secondary, were incredible. The female trio was badasses in their own ways. One was a fighter, the other kind of psycho and the third acted as a supporter/healer. The Heirs were a bit of asshats most of the time but I liked a few
of them. There were a few very intense scenes between two of the girls and a few of the male characters. My favorite scene was the fight in the woods.

I can’t wait to see what happens next. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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