Review: Devil Heir by Rachel Leigh


I met the devil when I was fourteen years old.

Just a kid himself, he was hellbent on making me miserable.

By fifteen I hated him.

When I was sixteen, I moved as far away as I could.

Since I’ve left, my life has been simple—peaceful and still.

I had no intention of ever returning to Skull Creek.

Until tragedy struck and I was called back.

It’s been two years since I saw my step-brother.

I hoped he had changed.

But the devil is still the same.

He’s arrogant and ruthless.

Rules the town with an iron fist.

Where he walks, crowds part.

Now his blame is set on me, along with his dark orbs of hate.

It’s time to show him I’m not the same girl I was back then.

If he pushes, I’ll push harder.

Where I bend, he will break.

As long as he doesn’t find my weakness, I can survive this.

Even if my weakness has become the devil himself. 

My opinion:

Devil Heir by Rachel Leigh is a dark bully romance.

The story is about Penelope Briar and Blaise Hale. They met at fourteen when their parents got married. He bullied her ever since and she escaped the day after the Devil’s Night. Two years later she came back for his dad’s funeral. Their feelings had changed but Penny
couldn’t move forward until she could discover the truth about that night and get her sweet revenge.

It’s a well-written story, told by a dual pov. It started from the past and went forward with a couple of flashbacks. The plot is very addictive and hot, especially in the third part. There are many abusive and bullying scenes that could trigger some people. The characters
were great. Blaise appeared as a hothead jerk but in the end, he was almost the perfect boyfriend. Penelope for the most part was like a mousy pushover but she changed a lot throughout the story. They were such a good couple and their relationship was so intense.
My favorite moment was her return.

I love bully romance so this was a great book for me. I will rate it with 4,5 stars.

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