Review: Shadow of the Gypsy by Shelly Frome


A nemesis out of the past suddenly returns, forcing Josh Bartlett to come to terms with his true identity.

Josh Bartlett had figured all the angles, changed his name, holed up as a small-town features writer in the seclusion of the Blue Ridge. Only a few weeks more and he’d begin anew, return to the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut and Molly (if she’d have him) and, at long last, live a normal life. After all, it was a matter of record that Zharko had been deported well over a year ago. The shadowy form Josh had glimpsed yesterday at the lake was only that—a hazy shadow under the eaves of the activities building. It stood to reason his old nemesis was still ensconced overseas in Bucharest or thereabouts well out of the way. And no matter where he was, he wouldn’t travel thousands of miles to track Josh down. Surely that couldn’t be, not now, not after all this.

The past is never past. And the longer you try to keep it at arm’s length, the hungrier it gets, until one day, sure as hell, it’s gonna get you. And then where will you be?”

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Shadow of the Gypsy by Shelly Frome is a suspense novel.

Josh grew up with a detached mother and a shadow gypsy guy who was always lurking around. From a young age, he had a little crush on his best friend Molly. Growing up that didn’t change. He wanted to protect her and himself from Zharko, so he was taking jobs away
from home. A year ago he had found out that his nemesis was gone and he had hoped for a new beginning with his beloved. Unfortunately, his hopes were shattered when he saw him in North Carolina. Not only he was back but he was dragging him into some shady business.
Could Josh, who avoided conflict, escape from this dangerous man and start over his life?

This story is filled with suspense and mystery. The plot is quite engaging with the family drama and the mafia dealings. At first, I was a bit confused but slowly everything made sense. It’s from the stories that you have to pay attention to detail since there are so many characters and situations happening at the same time. There are so many twists and secrets that make you turn the pages fast so you can see what happens next. Some of the characters are very interesting and likable. Josh was the most interesting to me. He went from a little mousy man to a true fighter. I liked that there was a good development in his character. My favorite
parts were when he was trying to uncover the truth.

This book is perfect for those who love a good mystery and the action of a suspense novel. I enjoyed it a lot and I will rate it with 4 stars.

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