Review: Reap by Nikki Rae


The Wolves were meant to stay buried and dead, but they’ve clawed themselves up from the earth to exact revenge on House Chimera. Fawn had once found peace in freeing those enslaved by the Grimm Order, but after Elliot’s injury and an unavoidable accident, she begins to doubt everything.

Clinging to her Mistress and Masters, she can’t help but feel lost.

Then the dead animals start appearing.

Under the weight of The Grimm Order, life itself collapses and the spider web of cracks it leaves behind are irreversible.

Amongst the weeds, four people fell in love. Can they grow towards the light without losing themselves, or will the Wolves trample every last petal?

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Reap by Nikki Rae is a dark romance. It’s the sixth book from The Order series.

This is not a standalone, you need to read the previous five books otherwise it won’t make any sense.

Reap is the conclusion of this series. Here the four main characters have taken down most of the horrible people and were trying to create a new life for them. We see them struggle, fight and heal from everything that happened in the past. Even though it’s mostly focused on their romantic relationship, there is still a little action with the enemies. Thankfully (for me) it’s not as dark as the previous books. I have read a few BDSM stories but I do not consider myself an expert. So what surprised me here was that Fawn, even though she was submissive, she appeared to be more brave and smart than the other three. I liked their chemistry and
that there was a steady pace in figuring everything out. My favorite part was the last sentence, it seems very powerful to me.

I enjoyed this book and I will rate it with 4 stars.

P.S. This series isn’t for the faint hearts.

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