Review: Starry-Eyed Love by Helena Hunting


Having just broken up with her boyfriend, London Spark is not in the mood to be hit on. Especially not when she’s out celebrating her single status with her sisters. So when a very attractive man pays for their drinks and then slips her his number, she passes it right back to him with a ‘thanks, but no thanks’. As the business administrator for their family’s event hotel, the Spark House, London has more important things to worry about, like bringing in new clientele.

As luck would have it, a multi-million-dollar company calls a few months later asking for a meeting to discuss a potential partnership, and London is eager to prove to her sisters, and herself, that she can land this deal. Just when she thinks she has nailed her presentation, the company’s CEO, Jackson Holt, walks in and inserts himself into the meeting. Not only that, but he also happens to be the same guy she turned down at the bar a few months ago.

As they begin to spend more time together, their working relationship blossoms into something more. It isn’t until their professional entanglements are finally over, that London and Jackson are finally ready to take the next step in their relationship. But between Jackson’s secretive past and London’s struggle with her sisters, London must question where she really stands – not just with Jackson, but with the Spark House, too.

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Starry-Eyed Love by Helena Hunting is a contemporary romance. It’s the second book from the Spark House series.

London Spark was the creative middle sister who worked at Spark House but also had an Etsy store. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and had gone for a drink with Avery and Harley. There a guy flirted with her but she turned him down. Three months later Holt Media & Consulting was interesting in working with them. London was the one who went to the meeting and to her surprise, the CEO was Jackson Holt, the guy from the bar. At first, she was nervous he was going to ruin it for her. On the contrary, he was happy to work with her. The next two months were incredible for the Spark House and her. The two of them were working perfectly
together and started developing feelings. Unfortunately, the work overload was too much for her and a misunderstanding almost cost her happiness. In the end, she had to set some priorities and fix what was broken.

It’s such a wonderful story, filled with cute romantic moments and some quite emotional ones. It’s well-written and told by a dual pov. The plot is steady-paced but the romance evolves quickly. The chemistry between Jackson and London is unreal. They were the perfect fit
from the beginning and their relationship came so naturally. I liked that the family vibe was strong here as well. I was happy that we got to know Harley a bit more here and see Avery’s wedding. Those three girls are sibling goals. My favorite part was their first official date.

I loved reading this book and I will rate it with 4,5 stars.

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