Review: Broody Devil by Melissa Ivers


The last thing I need is a wife. Especially if it’s one woman who can’t stand me.

I’m the bad boy of the NHL. The enforcer with a mean punch and bad attitude. The ladies don’t seem to mind and my stick is always ready to go. So, I have a few scandals. Who doesn’t?

Everything was fine until she clicked into my life with her hot pink Barbie heels. After one too many tabloid exploits, my career is in jeopardy, and she demands I clean up my act.

I can’t not say no. Even if I want to. The stakes are too great.

Turns out I’m not so good at behaving and even drag Miss Perfect into the mud when we wake up naked, hungover, and wearing matching wedding bands. But it’s one problem I can fix with an easy annulment. That is, until the press and her parents come knocking on our door.

Now, we have to pretend to like each other. Wouldn’t be too hard except I’m finding I like having her under my skin.

When this fake marriage gets checked, can I convince my wife I’m worth the risk?

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Broody Devil by Melissa Ivers is a sports romance. It’s the third book from the Nashville Devils series.

Rhett Remington was the bad boy enforcer with a bad reputation. Lucy Hurst was the public relations person for the Devils. She was assigned to fix Rhett’s image before his career was destroyed. When he went to Vegas to unwind she was hot on his heels.
Lucy was supposed to go and get him back but ended up being married to him. The news found out instantly and they had to make a quick decision. She proposed to stay married until the season ended so none of them would have a problem. The fake marriage
soon turned into a real one and Rhett couldn’t handle it. For one more time, a Devil almost ruined the best thing that had happened in his life…

I will begin with a warning: It’s too hot to handle so proceed with caution.
As always this is a well-written book, told by a dual pov. The plot is simple and easy to follow. The romance is a slow burn but the lust is instant. The whole thing takes place in a short amount of time. The story is focused on the marriage between the two
main characters and their families’ issues. Rhett’s problems were more intense and severe which I think is a similarity to the previous books. I loved the chemistry between Lucy and Rhett, their relationship was incredibly hot. It was fun to watch them argue and then make up. They acted like a real-life couple. She was by far my favorite, a mix between bossy and a sweetheart. He was a regular grumpy jerk but also a sort of martyr. The scene that I liked the most was their first time together.

I loved reading this book and I highly recommend you to buy it. I will rate it with 5 stars.

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