Review: Anti-Player by Nora Flite


Mikel Hause is a parade of red flags.

– Rich CEO of his daddy’s company.
– Entirely blank social media presence.
– Suspiciously single.
And when he tracks curvy-nerdy-internet-sensation Paige Pixley to her apartment after she trashes his new product in front of thousands of online viewers, it might be time to add ‘stalker’ to his list.
She should have shut the door in his stupidly-handsome face.
Instead, she listens to his proposition. He wants to change her review from bad to great. Not with money or lies, but by making his product better… with her help.
Her best friend insists he’s a total player. The type of toxic A-hole looking for an easy mark.
If that’s true, why does he have to Google «perfect first date» tips?
Why does he ask if he can kiss her?
Why does she say yes?
If any of her online fans discover she’s working behind the scenes with Mikel’s company, they’ll accuse her of being a sellout then drag her through the mud.
It’ll be the end of the career Paige spent so long building.
Love is cruel.
But the internet is crueler.

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Anti-player by Nora Flite is a beautiful romantic story.

Paige Pixley was a twenty-three-year-old Virtual Reality streamer who went by the alias Fawn of the Dead. She was very popular and many companies were sending her products to review. One of the latest products was Secret Reader. She tested it in one of her lives and
hated it. A few minutes later the creator, Mikel Hause, appeared at her doorstep with a proposition. At first, Paige was reluctant but gave in. They secretly spent a lot of time together while she helped him which resulted in both of them falling in love. Would her
followers accept the truth or she would be instantly canceled?

It’s such a cute and sexy story. An insta fall in love romance with a curvy VR streamer and a nerdy billionaire. It’s short and quick-paced but very entertaining. It has a couple of dramatic/emotional stories which added a little bit of depth to it.
Also, it has a touch of reality with the example of the streamer, how easy it’s in our days to lose everything because of some jealous jerks. I loved how Paige’s life turned out to be and the message behind it. My favorite parts were the reason the secret reader was made and the end.

Anti-Player is a great book that I enjoyed reading and I highly recommend you to buy it. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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