Review: Baby, Please by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff




Ever since I was recruited by my college football team, I’ve pushed myself hard. Going pro and earning some real money is a must. Mostly because my brother, Flip, is in a bad place, and I’m all he’s got.

No problem. I’m tough. I’m a hard worker. I’ve got a plan.

Then right before the season starts, a woman shows up at my apartment with a baby, claiming I’m the father. And then she leaves her with me. For a week? Forever?

I have no idea, but college, football, and the single-dad gig don’t go together. And forget about my experience with babies. Does this thing come with an off switch? Volume control? Is that a poopie diaper? Help!

Things go from bad to worse when the public catches wind of my surprise-baby situation, and it turns into a PR nightmare. I’m suddenly the poster boy for young single dads.

This isn’t happening.

Suddenly, all eyes are on me, both on and off the field, and the only person who can keep me from losing my mind confesses her love.

And I mess it all up. Her, football, baby, everything.

Now I’m going to have to choose: fix my career or fix my personal life, including coming to grips with loving a baby girl who might not be mine. 

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Baby, Please by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a romantic comedy. It’s the seventh book from the OHellNo series.

Dean Norland was in college and played on the football team. He had a poor life and a brother to take care of so he had a lot on his plate. After a really bad game, he hooked up with a woman he met at a bar. Eleven months later he was given a second chance with the
team and he knew he couldn’t afford to screw this up. Unfortunately for him, his plans were about to change. A baby was dropped at his home, his daughter Fia. He was going to wait a week for the mother to come back or he was going to give the kid to the social
services. Soon things got out of control and he started bonding with the baby. Could he change his life to include this little bundle of joy?

This is one crazy story. A single-parent romantic comedy filled with cute swooning moments and a few dramatic twists. The story is told by multiple povs, the plot is very intriguing and engaging. It’s fast-paced with some realistic moments. Some of the characters are very likable and others not so much (they were borderline assholes). I loved how supportive
were the team and his friends especially at moments he least expected it. My favorite part was when Dean figured out what he wanted from his life.

It’s not as funny as other romantic comedies but it’s definitely entertaining. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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