Review: Break Me Down by Nola Marie


Sons of Sin’s lead guitarist loves being the “sin” in their name. Because without Heaven, he’d rather fast-track to hell.

Rage is all I know. All I’ve ever known, it seems. Except for that one moment – brief year in my life where I experienced Heaven. But I crashed and burned as hard as Lucifer himself when she destroyed me. The rage came back, stronger than ever. And when she reappears in my life, when I learn the truth? Rage doesn’t begin to describe what I feel.

He was my one. Out of the four of the hot guys that walked into my diner, I lusted after two, but fell for one. Until I learned something that shattered my heart. And now, in a cruel twist, the universe has thrown us back together. He learns my truth and I learn his. Unknowingly, I broke him all those years ago. Now he’s determined to break me.

Shattered and gutted, how do two people heal when apologies don’t fix the damage, and the truth comes out years too late?

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Break Me Down by Nola Marie is a rockstar romance. It’s the fourth book from the Sons of Sin series.

This one is about Ryder Jamison, the Sons of Sin’s lead guitarist, and his little pixie, Heaven Sinclair. They met when they were at college. She used to work at Arnold’s Diner, one night the band went there and she was their server. Ryder and Maddox took a liking to
her. They tried to bed her but soon they figured out that she was different from all the other girls. Heaven had a little crush on both but she developed feelings for Ryder. He felt the same. Unfortunately because of his past, he couldn’t make the right decisions. Over the years he hurt her a lot and in the end, he knew that if he wanted her to be with him that he had to change.

It’s a pretty heavy romance. It’s filled with so much emotion and several serious topics that could be a trigger to some people. Half of the book is about the romance between Ryder and Heaven and the other half the battle with his addiction and his anger management. Also, it has a little bit of an aggressive m/m action. It has an exceptional plot that is captivating and I like that it doesn’t focus on just one thing. It goes back and forth between the bad and good moments but it is written in a way that makes you wanna stick around instead of giving up. The characters were incredible. Heaven was my favorite, she was practically an angel. I didn’t like Ryder at all. I usually like the «broken» hot characters but he was a straight-up asshole more times than I can count.

The last few months I don’t go for this kind of romance because it’s emotionally draining but I just love it. I can’t wait to see what happens to Maddox. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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