Review: The Recluse Heir by Monique Moreau


I am Luca, the black sheep of the Romanian mafie Lupu clan.

Cat, the woman I want as mine, happens to be my brother’s fiancée.

What wouldn’t I do to tear their engagement apart with my bare hands?


As the second son, I scoff at the antiquated rules and traditions of my clan. When my family needs to make an arranged marriage with a rival clan, the next in line to wed the spoiled mafie princess is me.

I’ll be damned if I’m led to the slaughter like some sacrificial lamb.

Let my younger brother, the family lapdog, do the deed. The man is a soulless bastard, anyway.

But the moment I set eyes on the precious princess at my brother’s engagement party, I regret my decision. My knees almost buckle. Holy hell, but she’s beautiful. Sultry and innocent, she’s a lethal combination the likes of which I’ve never seen before.

If only she wasn’t already pledged to my brother.


My family loves me but I’m merely a pawn in the shifting chess game between the Lupu clan and mine. As the good, obedient daughter to the boss of the Popescu family, I do what I am told. And that is to marry the youngest brother, a ruthless mafie prince with a reputation for cruelty. It’s the least I can do to make up for the grief I’ve caused my family over the years.

At my engagement party, I’m introduced to my fiancé’s older brother, Luca.

A man with cold gray eyes that makes my skin sizzle with desire.

The same man who already rejected me as his fiancée.

I should hate him for it. Instead, the more time I’m forced to spend in his presence, the less I can remember that he is strictly off-limits.

My opinion:

The Recluse Heir by Monique Moreau is a dark Romanian Mafia romance. It’s the second book from The Lupu Chronicles.

Lucas Lupu hated following the rules of his family, he was a true rebel. So when his brother told him to marry a mafia princess he refused without meeting her. Car Popescu in order to save her family accepted the fate to marry the youngest Lupu brother, Nicu. At their engagement party, she saw the man who rejected her, Luca. There was an instant attraction between them that was hard to ignore. No matter how much they tried to stay away it was simply impossible. That was when Luca decided to blood bond with her and finally have her as his wife. Everything was going as planned until the moment her brother asked for her help. She had to decide between failing her family or betraying Luca.

It’s a mild mafia romance. The plot is interesting and engaging. Half of the story is about the brewing romance and the other half about mafia dealings. There are very few scenes that contain blood but a lot that have steamy adult content. I liked the steady build-up of the romance and the connection those two had. The characters were great. Cat was a sweet loyal girl. Luca was a troubled dark prince with morals. It’s from the rare occasions that the male character is the one with the emotional issues. My favorite part
was the club scene.

The Recluse Heir is a book that I recommend to every adult reader who loves this genre. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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