Review: The Little Town of Summerville: A Dog Named Chubby by R.T. Douglass


Jack Wellington moves from the big city to make a new start. He jumps at the opportunity to become a detective in Summerville.

A peculiar case is assigned to him as artwork has been stolen and a dog is missing. Fellow detective Charlie Finch, a man adorned with decades of service, uncovers clues with Jack. They become intrigued by the words and actions of a neighborhood boy and wonder how much he might know.

Clues are followed but it’s the kids in the neighborhood who provide the most relevant clues. As Jack gets closer to them with their questions, the pressure of the kids struggle unfolds.

A puzzling crime, a struggle to balance life, the challenges to succeed in a new department, in the little town of Summerville.

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

The Little Town of Summerville: A Dog Named Chubby by R.T. Douglass is a cozy mystery. It’s the first book from the «A Jack Wellington Mystery» series.

It’s such a nice story. It’s a well-written book with very detailed descriptions that create magical scenes. The plot is very engaging which makes it easier to keep your attention. I loved the small-town feeling, where all the people knew each other and helped them when they were in need. The mystery was divided into two parts, the detectives that were more focused on the stolen vases and the kids on the missing dog. I really liked the interaction all the characters had with each other, it’s something that is missing from our world. Jack was my favorite detective, he truly wanted to make a difference by solving the cases. It was obvious that he was from a bigger town. I didn’t like Charlie very much, he seemed rushed and kinda bored at times. What caught my attention was the bond between the kids. They had each other’s back, no questions asked. My favorite scene was the revelation of the

It’s a wonderful book that I highly recommend you to read. I will rate it with 5 stars.

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