Review: Mourning Wood by Heather M. Orgeron


She’s hard up.
He’s just hard…

After an ill-fated one-night stand, Wyatt Landry was the last person I ever expected to see again.

By design, mind you, as I spent the last two years avoiding him.

He was only ever meant to be a good time—a really good time—and now, thanks to one teensy little mistake, he’s back in my life and wielding an entirely different set of tools.

It’s not like I intentionally hired a bogus contractor to redo our chapel, and Lord knows I never imagined Wyatt would ride up in his pickup truck, like a knight in thigh-hugging blue jeans, to save the day.

But here he is, and to make matters worse, he’s every bit as charming as I remember, and before I can fully process his reappearance in my life, he has my six-year-old daughter wrapped around his finger, my parents eating out of the palm of his hand, and my best friend shipping us like we’re some celebrity couple.

Thankfully, working in the death industry, I’ve mastered the skill of compartmentalization. Keeping my growing feelings tucked away should be a piece of cake. Except, seeing him every day definitely throws a wrench in that plan.

Before I know it, we’re trading favors for dates, and as much I don’t want to admit it, the feelings for him I thought were dead and buried are taking root and growing into something that looks a lot like love.

Daigle Family Funeral Services… don’t be caught dead any place else.

My opinion:

Mourning Wood by Heather M. Orgeron is a family romantic comedy.

Whitney Daigles was a twenty-two-year-old single mother of a six-year-old girl, Prissy. She worked on the family business, Daigle Family Funeral Services. The chapel needed renovation and the people who Whitney hired took the money and left. She was in a desperate situation. Thankfully her best friend had the perfect guy for the job, Wyatt Landry. After that night two years ago, she didn’t think it was a good idea to work together. Wyatt on the other hand believed the exact opposite so he took the job. The attraction was still there and he wanted to explore it furthermore. By being the perfect southern gentleman he won everyone’s heart, especially hers. Giving him a chance
was a risk that paid well in the end.

It’s one of the best romantic comedies of the year. It’s a strange combination of morbid and hilarious.
It has a nice plot but what makes brings it to the top are the unique characters and the funny scenes. You know from just reading the first chapter that this book will be epic. There are moments that make you swoon, others that will make you hot but those that made me pee myself from laughing were the ones I liked the most. The scene with Wyatt and Whitney’s mom was my absolute favorite. The characters were out of this world. The one that made this story go from good to incredible, was Prissy. She was a modern-day Wednesday Adams, but crazier and cute. Whitney was the single mom who was afraid to get hurt and Wyatt the man who wanted nothing else than getting his woman and the girl. They were an amazing couple. Their families were great as well.

In conclusion, Mourning Wood is a book that can’t be missing from any library. You need to read this asap!!! I will rate it with 5 bright stars.

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