Review: The Descendants by Destiny Hawkins


To be powerless…

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to step outside of the walls of Lytonia. They were meant to protect us from the dangers of the Wild Lands, but if anything, we were all being imprisoned. Especially, within the heavily guarded walls of Monroe Academy, a school meant to teach us how to develop and improve our powers through severe methods using torture.

Pain is something that I suffer from almost every day, but in the Lighter Nation, I can’t show any signs of weakness. Especially, not in my condition. I’m surrounded by others with special abilities, none of which I have developed, and as a penalty for my lack of power, I’ve been branded a Null, a nothing, and at the time, the only one of my kind.

Suicide was becoming the better option next to living more and more each day. Being bullied , tortured, and in constant fear of being made a slave to my very torturer made breathing seem pointless… but then I met Soren…

And found myself fighting for air..

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

The Descendants by Destiny Hawkins is a dark dystopian. It’s the first book from The Descendants series.

Rayah Bardeau was supposed to be null and her destiny was to be a slave. Her parents were sure that she was a lighter and convinced everyone to give her a chance to prove it. She had until her twentieth year to reach level six. Until then her mother took her place as a slave to Artemis. There were times she wanted to give up but the people who believed in her gave her the power to continue…

This is a great book. Very different from the fantasy novels I have read with good world build and an original plot. It’s on the dark side with tortures and bullying. The characters are unique as well and have good chemistry between them. Rayah is a beautiful heroine, very strong, and a true fighter. Soren was quite interesting as well. I loved seeing their interactions.

It’s a very good book that I highly recommend to those who love this genre. I will rate it with 4 stars.

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