Review: How Everything Turns Away by Steven J. Kolbe


Ezra James used to be a big deal: Harvard graduate, FBI agent, beautiful wife. After being accused of fabricating evidence in a serial killer trial, he finds himself suspended, on the verge of a divorce, and working security at a posh Catholic school in Chicago. Then something out-of-the-ordinary happens: a young student-teacher is attacked during a Christmas pageant and left for dead in the snow with a noose around her neck and an electrical burn. Plus, she’s pregnant. Ezra, along with up-and-coming police detective, Lucia Vargas, and school chaplain, Fr. Remy Mbombo, must work fast before the culprit returns to finish the job.

My opinion:

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

How Everything Turns Away by Steven J. Kolbe is a mystery. It’s the first book from the Ezra James Series.

This is a very good book. The plot is simple, quite easy to follow, and very engaging. It has something that I have never seen before, it began by telling us that something big was going to happen. And it did it in a very clever way. The mystery is a slow burn with so many twists that threw me off several times. The author’s writing style is incredible, the «murder» scene was well described like the CSI series I used to watch. I am not familiar with Catholic schools since we don’t have them here but it gave strong vibes of those private schools that you know that it’ll mess with the case. I think that this situation with the rich kids, the poor immigrants,
and the opinionated rich parents added something extra to the story. The characters were a good match. Ezra was my favorite, he was closed off to himself with his issues but he was so good in his job. I liked Lucia as well, she was a spitfire with good instincts and funny.
They worked so well together, like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. There are two scenes that I liked, the moment Ezra found the girl and when he became a hero.

If you love mysteries then I highly recommend you to buy this one. I fell in love with this one and can’t wait to see what happens next in Ezra’s life. I will rate it with 5 bright Christmas stars.

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