Review: Eat your heart out: Virgin Cove Trillionaires by Victoria Pinder


Walking in the rain after getting dumped I never expected to be picked up in a Porsche or get offered salvation from a rich guy. I’d almost lost all hope but he offered me a job.

The catch is that he’s sailing around the world. So I’d have to leave everything behind to live on a yacht. Maybe for once luck was on my side.

Falling for my hero was easy.

He’s muscular, a trillionaire and a sweetheart.

But he has no idea how broken I am and the worst thing might be if he knew about my major crush on him.

Broken women don’t get perfect guys and I hate lying to myself. My lies include believing…

that those kisses of his that sent shockwaves through me might last.

that he’d like being near me for more than a night.

And that how I missed him when he wasn’t around meant something.

Maybe I could make a short term exception of letting my guard down, but you’d never have expected what happened because I absolutely hadn’t.

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Eat your heart out: Virgin Cove Trillionaires by Victoria Pinder is a contemporary romance. It’s the fourth book from the Single Brothers series.

Gerard Norouzi was one of the adopted kids of the family. For years he struggled to prove that he belonged there. He had become a workaholic, so he decided to sell his company and travel the world for a year. On his way to his own party, he met a young woman.
Ali’s life after her mother’s death had been horrible. The night she met Gerard she was fired and homeless. He offered her a job as a waitress on his yacht but ended up being his paid companion and he promised to help her become a food blogger. There was an instant attraction between them and while they were spending time together it grew into a beautiful love story. Both of them had the happy ending
they deserved.

It’s such a cute romance. The plot is sweet and mostly drama-free. The love part was a slow burn. I liked the characters a lot. Even though both of them had been hurt in the past Ali was the one with the deep issues. Gerard like a true gentleman was very patient and caring with her, just like all the Norouzi brothers. They were adorable together and their romance seemed so easy and real.

I enjoyed reading this book, and I will rate it with 4 stars.

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