Review: The Fallen Angel by Beena Khan


We’re a match made in hell and matches always burn.

Once upon a myth…
An angel fell in love with the devil.

Salvi Moretti.
I was his Eve, and he was my Lucifer.

Once, on Halloween, I sold my soul to the Devil. I considered Salvi Moretti my God, but he turned out to be the Devil in disguise.

He can break my wings, but he may have forgotten my claws will always come out. Eve died under that bridge and from the deepest underworld, a new entity was born.

Lilith has risen.

Welcome to New York’s Underworld.

My opinion:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

The Fallen Angel by Beena Khan is a dark mafia romance. It’s the second book from the Devil’s Lair series.

This is a dark, twisted, and very unpredictable book. The story was about Ehva’s revenge on Salvi Moretti. From an Angel, she turned into a demon, Lilith, and became worst than the Blue-Eyed Devil. It felt like watching an epic battle between two evil and hurt people.
I don’t know how to properly describe it. There were so many twists, so much craziness, and all the emotions that were brought out of me. There were moments when I wanted to comfort the characters and others to strangle them. I liked Salvi in this one. He showed a more
human side, he loved and got hurt but never gave up. Ehva was my least favorite. I didn’t like how she changed and used people. She made me like Dahlia more. The scene that made an impression on me was the one that brought Salvi to his knees.

The only sure thing is that while reading this book you will get angry, you will cry and if you are a bit kinky you might get turned on.
I truly enjoyed the conclusion of their story and I will rate it with 4 stars.

PS. A little message for the author: That scene that tortured my soul was cruel, why did you have to do this to me? 😭

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